Seasonal Session Guide

How to prepare for your Seasonal Session:
Whether you’re having an Autumnal session in the beautiful Ashridge woods or sitting on the logs amongst the rows and rows of Bluebells, I have put together a little guide on what to wear for these sessions. These sessions only last 30 minutes, so weather depending, we won’t be out too long. 

What should I wear for my Bluebell session?
I always highly recommend sticking to white when being photographed on a Bluebell session. Whites stand out so well against the Bluebells, so I couldn’t recommend white enough! White tops and Blue jeans are always a lovely combination, as well as white shirts and white dresses. 

What should I expect from my Bluebell session?
Bluebell sessions are so much fun, it’s so nice to be outside in the fresh air and the beautiful surroundings taking lots of photos for you to remember forever! We spend 30 minutes taking photos, having a little walk around the wood finding the best locations to take your photos. You’ll be sitting on logs and leafy areas making sure we avoid damaging the Bluebells.

What should I wear for my Autumn session? 
Autumn sessions can get very chilly, we are outside in the cold so please ensure you wear something warm. Coats, bobble hats, scarfs and lots and lots of layers are the best! There is nothing better than being wrapped up super cosy amongst the beautiful Autumnal colours. If for some magical reason and England decides to have a warmish start to Autumn then wear dark colours, Burgundy, Purples, deep Reds and Oranges are always extremely beautiful against the pretty Autumn colours. I would also suggest to think about your footwear, Autumn sessions usually take place in Ashridge and the ground can be very muddy and wet. So boots or wellies are absolutely perfect!

Abbie WyattComment