Newborn/Baby Session Guide

How to prepare for your Newborn/Baby Session:
Newborn sessions are so exciting, there is nothing better then photographing your little one for the first time. It really does mean so much to me for you to ask me do this. It’s so important for me to capture all the little details, especially teeny tiny toes, little fingers and hands. 

When should I book my Newborn session?
Newborn sessions should take place around 14 days old (if possible), as your little one will change so quickly, you wouldn’t believe! You can either get in contact with me with your due date, I usually pop this down in my diary to ensure we can arrange a date when your little one is here. I know it must be quite a busy and life changing time having a baby so I wouldn't want you to worry about ensuring you book in advance and adding that to the million things you are likely to have on your list of things to do. Or you can contact me when your little one is here, it is very likely I will be able to fit you in for a session within those two weeks whether that is in your home (I will bring my studio kit, bean bags and lots of fluffy blankets) or at my small home studio (where I have a white wood floor, white walls, fluffy blankets, bean bags) My studio vibes are very relaxed, natural and soft. My studio is kept nice and warm for when you and your baby arrive, I can also pop the kettle on or grab you a cold drink! 

How long do does the session take?
Depending on which package you go for and the mood of your baby. I only do up to an hour (but happy to do longer if needs be) I feel this is best for you and your baby as it can sometimes be difficult if your baby isn’t happy and you’ve had enough (I always like to ensure I leave with some photos to work with and to also ensure you are happy and not left feeling disappointed), but a perfect amount of time to get all the cute photos if they are! There is no worry if your baby isn’t happy and needs changing, feeding or just a cuddle, I am more than happy to wait and chat with you whilst you sort your little one out or I can pop the kettle on and make you a nice warm drink. I want you to come and go from my studio feeling relaxed. 

What should I put my Newborn in?
I like to photograph very natural, as that’s my style. I would also suggest light, pale, clothing with no harsh patterns or bright colours. I tend to start newborn sessions with your little one just in their nappy but wrapped up in fluffy blankets for extra cosiness and to ensure they’re warm and toastie and then if you have any outfits you’d like to put them in, we can do that also! I have various blankets we can use also, just for a change. 

Can I use props?
I don’t usually use props during my newborn sessions as I like to focus to be completely on your little one. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get a few photos with your little ones cuddly toys they may have as I know these are really important to you. You are more than welcome to bring any of their favourite blankets they love or ones that are special to you. 

Where will my Newborn session take place?
You are most welcome to come to my small home studio where I have white wood floors, white walls, fluffy blankets, bean bags and a soft, natural, relaxed vibe. Or I can come to your home, I have a portable studio kit, bean bags and fluffy blankets. This is totally up to you and where you will feel at your most comfortable. 

Can I have siblings in the photos?
Of course you can! These always make the loveliest photos but can sometimes be challenging, but as long as we work together to ensure there are lots of smiles and kisses, then we are good to go!

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