Newborn & Baby Session Guide

How to prepare for your Newborn/Baby Session:
Newborn sessions are so exciting, there is nothing better then photographing your little one for the first time. It really does mean so much to me for you to ask me do this. It’s so important for me to capture all the little details, especially teeny tiny toes, little fingers and hands. 

When should I book my Newborn session?
Newborn sessions should take place around 14 days old (if possible), as your little one will change so quickly, you wouldn’t believe! You can either get in contact with me with your due date, I usually pop this down in my diary to ensure we can arrange a date when your little one is here. I know it must be quite a busy and life changing time having a baby so I wouldn't want you to worry about ensuring you book in advance and adding that to the million things you are likely to have on your list of things to do. Or you can contact me when your little one is here, it is very likely I will be able to fit you in for a session within those two weeks whether that is in your home (I will bring my studio kit, bean bags and lots of fluffy blankets) or at my small home studio (where I have a white wood floor, white walls, fluffy blankets, bean bags) My studio vibes are very relaxed, natural and soft. My studio is kept nice and warm for when you and your baby arrive, I can also pop the kettle on or grab you a cold drink! 

How long do does the session take?
Depending on which package you go for and the mood of your baby. I only do up to an hour (but happy to do longer if needs be) I feel this is best for you and your baby as it can sometimes be difficult if your baby isn’t happy and you’ve had enough (I always like to ensure I leave with some photos to work with and to also ensure you are happy and not left feeling disappointed), but a perfect amount of time to get all the cute photos if they are! There is no worry if your baby isn’t happy and needs changing, feeding or just a cuddle, I am more than happy to wait and chat with you whilst you sort your little one out or I can pop the kettle on and make you a nice warm drink. I want you to come and go from my studio feeling relaxed. 

What should I put my Newborn in?
I like to photograph very natural, as that’s my style. I would also suggest light, pale, clothing with no harsh patterns or bright colours. I tend to start newborn sessions with your little one just in their nappy but wrapped up in fluffy blankets for extra cosiness and to ensure they’re warm and toastie and then if you have any outfits you’d like to put them in, we can do that also! I have various blankets we can use also, just for a change. 

Can I use props?
I don’t usually use props during my newborn sessions as I like to focus to be completely on your little one. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get a few photos with your little ones cuddly toys they may have as I know these are really important to you. You are more than welcome to bring any of their favourite blankets they love or ones that are special to you. 

Where will my Newborn session take place?
You are most welcome to come to my small home studio where I have white wood floors, white walls, fluffy blankets, bean bags and a soft, natural, relaxed vibe. Or I can come to your home, I have a portable studio kit, bean bags and fluffy blankets. This is totally up to you and where you will feel at your most comfortable. 

Can I have siblings in the photos?
Of course you can! These always make the loveliest photos but can sometimes be challenging, but as long as we work together to ensure there are lots of smiles and kisses, then we are good to go!


After years of doing my Photography, I have so many of your images stored away on my computer and hard drive that the time has come to have a tidy up. So if you have had a Photoshoot with me between 2015-2018, I'm offering 50% off discount on digital files (sent via email) and 50% off the whole session (all photos that were edited) on a disc. Please feel free to message me if you would like to order anything or double check I still have your photos (I'm pretty sure I have kept everything, but will have to double check!) 💗

Cake Smash Session Guide

How to prepare for your child’s Cake Smash Session:
Cake Smashes are so much fun to do and such a great way to celebrate a birthday. There is nothing more fun than seeing your child smash up and eat lots of yummy cake. 

What you need to know before hand:
Cake Smashes can take place either in my small home studio based in Hemel Hempstead, in your own home or out on location (if the weather is on our side of course!) Please let me know beforehand where you would like your Cake Smash to be. It’s obvious that a Cake Smash will get messy, but I always would advise parents/guardians to ensure they wear clothes that they don’t mind getting messy themselves. Children often want Mummy or Daddy to be sitting near them, or give them a nice messy hug during the shoot. Please bare this in mind when you book in a Cake Smash. I would also advise if you come to my studio to bring a spare change of clothes for your little one, the last thing you want is for a cake covered car! Please bring baby wipes for your little one, you may go through a lot of these! 

What to expect during the session: 
The Cake Smash is no more than an hour long and depending on the photos you’d like, I usually break the session down into two sections. We can either start with some nice portraits before all of the mess, making your child comfortable with the surroundings. I always have balloons out which children love to throw around. After taking some nice portraits of your little one, we bring the Cake out and that’s where all the fun takes place! 

Some little ones go straight in, eat the cake, smash the cake, kick the cake and sometimes even sit on the cake. Some little ones may need some encouragement and some help digging into the cake. Please be prepared for getting your fingers mucky and helping your child get stuck in! I have wooden spoons and spatula for them to whack the cake with and help them eat the icing off it. 

What to put your little ones in:
My style is very relaxed, natural and soft. My home studio is very white, so I would always suggest to put your little ones in soft colours (whites, light greys, pale pinks/blues) and not to put them in anything with any harsh patterns/colours. There is lots of lovely Cake Smash outfits online (Amazon, Etsy and eBay). I would always suggest bringing an extra outfit to pop them in afterwards. 

The Cake:
When it comes to thinking about the Cake for your Cake Smash, there are a few ways for you too choose from. I am happy to provide the Cake for you, which will be beautifully made by professional, local bakers. Allergies and intolerances are extremely important to me, so please ensure you let me know if your child has any of these when asking me to supply your Cake Smash Cake. If you would like me to supply your Cake Smash cake, you must let me know no later then 2 weeks in advance to ensure I can secure your cake with a baker.

You are also welcome to provide your own yummy cake for your Cake Smash. When thinking about buying a cake for your Cake Smash, you need to ensure there is lots of buttercream/frosting as this makes the most mess! I have a Cake Stand for the cake to go on but this usually stays on the stand for approx 3 seconds before your little one knocks it off! 

What to bring on the day: 

  • The Cake, if you are providing (obviously, haha!)

  • Extra Outfit to change in after the Cake Smash

  • Baby Wipes

  • Snacks/Drinks

  • Any toys you may feel they would want, please remember these could get covered in Cake!

I look forward to each and everyone Cake Smash as they are all such a different experience and the main aim is for your little one to fully enjoy themselves! You’re also welcome to play your little one's favourite music during the session time, as this tends to help get them moving and bopping about. I am always available to contact if you have any questions at all, just drop me an email at or message me on Facebook via Abbie Wyatt Photography.

Spring Teepee Mini Sessions!

I am so excited to announce the Mini Spring Teepee Sessions! Spring Mini sessions will run throughout the Spring and Summer and will be weather permitting, but fingers crossed we start to see some sunshine! Mini sessions are 30 minutes long, unless you would like a longer session then please feel free to let me know and we can arrange this.

These Mini sessions are perfect for children, whether that is photos on their own or with siblings. They are also perfect for updating your family photos and celebrating Birthdays. Cake Smashes aren’t for everyone so there is an option for a Teepee session instead. I have balloons, wooden ONE letters, bunting, homemade floral 1 sign etc as well as beautiful decor for the Teepee.

If you have any questions about Teepee sessions, please feel free to get in touch. You can email me at or find on Facebook at Abbie Wyatt Photography.


Bluebells 2019

I am so excited to announce these sessions, for two reasons really. The first being that we can nearly say we are out of the Winter months and Spring is on it’s way! The second being that Bluebells have to be my favourite season to photograph, we just have the best time during Bluebell sessions and this year I have decided to step it up a little bit! I will be offering sessions throughout the whole week, Monday all the way through till Sunday. So this year there is a lot more options on when to have your session. I have also made a little teepee, that we can take out and get some photos with your little ones!

I am announcing my Bluebell sessions earlier this year as they are so popular and I book up extremely quickly so if you’re interested in a session, please book your slot before it’s too late! I have loved meeting so many of you and your lovely families and exploring brand new locations for Bluebell shooting over the last few years. There is nothing better then being outside in the open enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

What to expect from a Bluebell session:
Bluebell sessions are only mini sessions, so these will run for 30 minutes. Unless you would like a longer session, then please feel free to contact me and we can arrange this. When booking in your Bluebell session, I will send you across the Seasonal Session Guide to help you with what to wear etc for your session. I want to make sure that everyone is aware Bluebells will not get damaged during my sessions and you will be placed on little logs and grassy/leaf patches.

You can book your Bluebell session by simply connecting me, this can be either through my website, through my Facebook Photography Page or emailing me at

A Happy New Year and AWP Studio!

Happy New Year everyone, I know I’m a little late to the party! This month has been very busy for me, not just in Photography but just in life. I have really neglected my website and knew it was time for an update. Last year I met so many of you, coming out for Bluebell sessions (which I’m so excited about this year), playing in the leaves in Autumn sessions as well as lots of newborns and returning clients too. 2018 was such a great year for my little business and I can’t wait to see what this year brings. I thought it was time to dust away the cobwebs on and put all my fresh and lovely photos up from 2018 to share with you all.

I’m so excited to announce I have my own little studio, located in my family home in Hemel Hempstead. It’s only very small but the most perfect size for Newborns, Babies, Small children and of course everyones favourite, Cake Smashes! Studio sessions are such a lovely way for you to come out to me, without worrying about where I would set up my portable studio in your home. I still offer home visits as well as on location, but this now gives everyone the option on where they’d like their session to take place.

I’ll share below a few of the sessions that have taken place in my little studio so far, to give you an idea of the outcome! I really hope to meet so many more of you this year.

Abbie xx

Cake Smash Sessions

Cake Smashes seem to be one of the most popular things I do in Photography and I am thrilled by that. I getting nothing but pure excitement when someone books in a Cake Smash. They are honestly one of the best ways to celebrate your little ones birthday in style and have some fun along the way (don't forget there is always left over cake to eat). 

I had lots booked in last year for Cake Smashes and I celebrated lots of 1st and 2nd birthdays smashing cake and getting really messy and I'm so excited to meet everyone who is booked in this year for a Cake Smash! But be prepared, it will get messy! 

During the Spring/Summer the weather will be improving so Cake Smash sessions outdoors is always a great idea too! Taking full advantage of the lovely Spring/Summer vibes in the background of your photos. 

What happens during the cake smash session?
The session takes an hour and this will made up of 3 parts. The 1st part is some portraits of your little one before all of the mess begins. The second part is of course the Cake Smash where all the fun begins and the 3rd part is post-cake mess, photos with your little one amongst all the mess as well as getting to eat the leftovers!

Don't forget your session comes with a password protected online gallery for you, your family and friends to take a look at the finished photos, 2 digital copies and 1 6x4 print all of your choice. You will also be welcome to purchase anymore prints, digital copies of any other extras afterwards. 

The session does not include a cake, so you are welcome to choose your own, get one made by lots of talented and local Cake Makers (please message me for recommendations) or I can provide a cake for an extra cost. This will be totally up to you for you to decide which is best. 

If you're interested in a Cake Smash, feel free to send me a message or view my work over on the Cake Smash tab on my website. You can also find me on Facebook at Abbie Wyatt Photography or on Instagram. 

Facebook: Abbie Wyatt Photography

Instagram: @abbiewyattphotography


I can't believe I am writing this blog post already, another year has passed and I am so shocked with how quick it all has gone. I just wanted to write a quick post to share some of my favourites from 2017 and to thank all of my lovely clients for being so amazing. I have met so many lovely babies, families, couples etc! I have had such a great year with my Photography and I only intend on making it bigger and better. There are so many things to look forward too, with the Bluebell sessions being one of them! I can't wait for the new year has to bring and the new adventures it all has in store for all of us. I also can't wait to meet so many more lovely people. 

Here are some of my favourites from this year (I would love to post every single photo from every single session but I think that would take me weeks, hehe!) I truly have had an amazing time and a big thank you for letting me capture some of you special moments. This is the best job in the world 💗