Bluebells | 2019

I can’t believe it’s been another year where Bluebells have come and gone. I get so excited every year and it’s so amazing to meet so many new and returning clients! I love being able to photograph new memories for you, to share with friends and family and to capture those super special moments.

I have so many photos to share from sessions and as much as I have been sharing them on Facebook and Instagram, there is just so many lovely ones that shouldn’t just be stored away, so I thought I’d write up a little blog post and include lots more of your lovely photos that I wasn’t able to post online for sneak peaks etc! I have so many from each session and it was so hard to just pick a few to share but here we are with lots of your lovely family photos to share again and again with your loved ones.

I already can’t wait until next years Bluebell sessions, I wish they could stick around all year. How amazing and beautiful would that be? I will also be doing lots more Mini Sessions throughout the Summer, so keep your eyes pealed for those to be announced or if you have any ideas on what you’d like for a session, please feel free to drop me a message and I can see what I can do to arrange it!

If you’d also like to purchase any extras from your Bluebell session, please get in contact and I can arrange a online gallery viewing of your full session for you.

Bluebells | 2017

This is the second year of offering Bluebell sessions and this year they have been so popular. I have loved meeting so many of you and your lovely families and exploring band new locations for Bluebell shooting. There is nothing better then being outside in the open enjoying the beautiful surroundings. I hope to do a lot more sessions outside this Summer!

As well as being outside photographing, I've also had a great time editing your sessions and galleries. It's so rewarding hearing such positive feedback from your work to even making a client cry with happiness! I am so excited to do more Bluebell sessions next year and hope to meet so many more of you.