Mini Sessions | Autumn 🍂

I can't believe my favourite time of the year is finally here. Autumn. It's just so magical, the way the leaves are such beautiful colours it would be silly not to take full advantage of the beauty around us and create some amazing memories. Christmas is also coming round fast, with shops and supermarkets already getting their Christmas bits in (I have to admit, I'm so excited for Christmas) I just can't believe where the time goes. 

I thought I would get organised this year and start advertising my Autumnal sessions early. Due to the high demand for my Bluebell sessions back in April/May of this year, I thought I'd be one step ahead. 

So what does it involve? 
Autumnal sessions are 30 minutes long, that leaves us plenty of time to get some lovely photos amongst the leaves and in the beautiful surroundings. I have a few places in mind this year to visit for these sessions but I am always open to ideas, so please feel free to let me know your thoughts! You will also get your photos displayed on a password protected online gallery to view at the comfort of your own home as well as sharing with any family and friends. You will receive 4 digital copies from your session, all of your own choice with more that can be purchased afterwards. 

I am so excited to make the most of this beautiful time of year we are heading in. Roll on the bobble hats, fireworks, pumpkins, knitted jumpers and lots and lots of chocolate! 🍂🍫💕🎃

Autumn Leaflet.jpg.jpeg