Cake Smash | What's New?

I absolutely love Cake Smashes, they’re the best way to celebrate your little ones birthday. Cake Smashes are just the funniest of fun. There’s nothing better then coming into the Studio to celebrate your little one turning 1 or 2! 🎉 It’s amazing how quick the first year goes, I’m sure you as parents all say it flies by. So that’s why Cake Smashes are such a great way to celebrate, laugh and eat lots of cake. Cheering your little one on as they make the messiest of messes that you don’t need to clean up! Cake Smashes are hassle free, all you need is to turn up with empty tummies (ready for lots of cake of course) an outfit, a cake (if you’re providing) and lots of cakey smiles!

I always love to share sneak peaks of my work when/if I can on Facebook and Instagram. It’s always such a fun way for you and your family/friends to preview a snippet of your gallery before it’s ready and sent to you. But because our lives are so busy and I have busier weeks then others and I can’t share everything, I thought it would be nice to share some more photos from my recent Cake Smashes. It’s also a good way for someone who may be interested in a Cake Smash to see more of what we get up to during my sessions.

I do sometimes go a few months without updating my website which means so much recent and fresh work doesn’t get seen and it’s always nice for you to see your photos online to view when you please. So please enjoy looking through all the messy and cakey pics and please do get in contact if you’d like to book in your messy Cake Smash! 😂



Bluebells | 2017

This is the second year of offering Bluebell sessions and this year they have been so popular. I have loved meeting so many of you and your lovely families and exploring band new locations for Bluebell shooting. There is nothing better then being outside in the open enjoying the beautiful surroundings. I hope to do a lot more sessions outside this Summer!

As well as being outside photographing, I've also had a great time editing your sessions and galleries. It's so rewarding hearing such positive feedback from your work to even making a client cry with happiness! I am so excited to do more Bluebell sessions next year and hope to meet so many more of you.