New Business Cards eeeek!

Today I received my brand new updated business cards which were created by the very talented  Luke Wiggs Design ( who also created my whole photography branding including my website, logo, business cards, price list and many more branding accessories! 

Please check out Luke's website for more information regarding his designs on his website or via his Instagram who posts his design work regularly (@lukewiggsdesign). Luke is also available on Facebook at Luke Wiggs Design. 

Now here are the pretty updated business cards! 

I went for rounded corners as I thought they were a bit different to everyone else and gave a better feel to them. I have blanked my number out for a reason on these photos but the number is originally there. I am very happy with the print and got these cards printed by who are very good quality and would highly recommend so thanks!

Thank you again Luke Wiggs Design, you've done a fab job once again!

Enjoy the weekend!

Abbie x

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