How I edit my Instagram photos!


Some of you or some of you may not follow me on Instagram (@abbiewyatt), I post photography work and non related photography work on my page and use Instagram as a good way of finding photographers and finding inspiration for photoshoots, as well as following over bloggers and friends/family! Instagram is a great way of connecting with people all over the world and showing off some of your amazing photography pieces as well as your silly selfies. Now, I'm not professional when it comes to editing but I thought I would show some print screens on how I edit some of my Instagram posts. 

When editing some of my Instagrams I tend to use editing apps such as Afterlight and VSCO CAM which are both really good for getting some lovely edits but I also edit using the built in editor for iPhone which I have used for this photo. The editor on the iPhone gives you a good variety of different ways to edit your photos and an option of filters to use as well. 

Let's show ya!

Firstly I have chosen this photograph I took on my iPhone 6 on my way to Rome back in August, we were currently flying over the Alps which is amazing! For a phone camera the iPhone's are amazing at taking photos, especially the 6 and the details of the photograph are quite impressive!

As I said before I am using the build in iPhone editor to edit this image and only takes a few minutes to brighten the image and make it more catchy! Below on the photo are the options you can choose from, the 1st is crop and rotate, the 2nd is filters which include colours to black and whites, the 3rd is the light/colour/black and white options and finally the 4th option is Photo Editors. 

I first start off with clicking and viewing the different filters that are on the editor to see if I want to use one and choose one that looks best. These filters range from black and white to different coloured filters. 

I choose the filter 'Chrome' as I felt it worked well with the photos and made the colours pop! When editing photos, you never ever have to use a filter and this is all down to personal preference! I have then clicked onto the 'Light' section to brighten the photo!

After choosing the right lighting for the photo, I then click on the 'Colour' section to make the photograph more..well..colourful! I play around with the saturation to boost the blues within the photo and make the clouds look more white and fluffy! 

When using the colour section I haven't gone too far down the bar as it would be way to bright and look very odd, so the best way to decide what is best is to scroll down the bar slowly until you think it looks right and this all depends on how much POP you want to make your photos.

And this is the photo with more of a pop of colour to express the blue sky and the oranges on the wing of the plane. You can also see it has popped the clouds making them a true white whilst keeping in the details of the photo. Obviously this photo isn't going to be as amazing as a photograph taken on professional camera, but these are just general holiday phone snaps. 

And here is the final image on my Instagram which you can now view over on my page. iPhone editor isn't always the best but definitely works with most photos! 

I hope you enjoyed this small tutorial on how I edit some of my Instagrams. I will write a blog to follow shortly on which editor apps I use on my iPhone and how I edit using those. 


Abbie! x  

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