Happy 1st Birthday AWP!

Happy 1st birthday to my own little business, how the heck has that been a year? A year since I had a huge kick up the backside from my boyfriend to push myself to create a brand, create a blog/webiste, Twitter and Facebook page supporting my photography. I always to scared of taking that step in getting my work out there showing people what I have done, or doing this little blogs to show what I have taken. I always had that fear of being judged, or laughed at but how are you going to go anywhere in life and do the things you love the most because your worried what other people may say? I haven't had any bad comments about my work, maybe comments I am unaware of but that's fine with me, thats an opinion. 

I am very proud of what I have managed to achieve within a year. I have photographed a good amount of families, met the cutest children and babies as well as photographing my first ever big deal wedding which was super scary and I couldn't of done it with out the encouragement from one person who always tells me I could achieve whatever I want too, it's all about hard work and dedication. It always puts a smile on my face when clients see their photos and fall in love, it's a special moment to be the person who has captured them super unmissable moments within life, such as your first kiss as a married couple or the first smile on your babies face, they are all special moments that I love capturing. Another thing is visiting households and seeing your work beautifully displayed on the walls or shelves, that is a special moment. 

So much has happened within a year, I have moved jobs (a few times) due to not being happy, why put yourself in a situation where you have to wake up every morning going to a job you hate just to get a wage when you could find a job you love, you enjoy and what makes you happy. We should all pluck up the confidence to do what we love and what we have always dreamed off. I would hate to get to an older age and regret the decisions and steps I should of taken when I was younger which is why I need to push myself. I understand and respect those who work horrible jobs they hate to keep themselves a float, but we can all do the things we truly love the most. I am a major struggler with confidence even after I'm told how confident I am when I am in the zone of thinking positive, but I guess that comes with the thought of being afraid your not good enough or you can't do it, when you can, you honestly can.  I don't do photography full time which would be unreal if I did and that is a future goal so for now it's part time and the other half I work my bum off at my other little job which I love. I don't have the best camera in the world, especially being a photographer I guess those more experienced would laugh at my camera but hense working, without money you aren't going to get that nice camera to improve your images so for now it is one step at a time. 

I am so thankful to L for helping me so much, I wouldn't of done any of this without him. I would probably still be hiding away wanting to achieve something but just having to much fear to do that. Without him, I wouldn't be writing this blog on this beautiful website, or having my logo on my branding. None of this would of been done without him and he is a huge one to thank. 

Now I need to push myself everyday to try my hardest to reach my goals, to achieve more, to book more and most importantly to make yourself happy as life is nothing without happiness!

Thank you for all the support and kind words and thank you to all the special moments I have shared with many lovely families I have met along the way. You're all very lucky and lovely people!  

All the best...

A x

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