Get creative! - Scrapbooking

Hello there!
Today I have brought to you a slightly different blog, a more of a creative and DIY blog! I wanted to show you what you can do with photographs and your photography instead of keeping it locked up on your computers. Scrapbooking is a fun and creative way of bringing your photography to life and is always a lovely memory to look back on!

What you will need:
- A scrapbook or photo album of your choice. Mine was brought from the lovely selection that Paperchase had to offer and has plenty of place for me to stick in my photographs! This was only £8.99.
-Glue!! How else would you stick the photographs in? 
- Stapler (this is out of choice) Paperclips or stickers are also a great way to secure tickets or even photographs down! 

Be creative!!

I love a good old scrapbook or photo album and there is nothing more lovely looking back at your photographs and enjoying the memories! I have recently brought a travel scrapbook/photo album and thought it would be a good way of keeping my favourite images and tickets from my holidays! I thought I would show you parts of my scrap book and the way I have put mine together! 

1. Buy a scrapbook/photo album! 
I brought my scrapbook from Paperchase and went for a beautiful travel designed cover which I thought fitted in perfect with the theme I was going for. Inside it gives you a space to place one photograph in the centre on the page with also a space to write the date and some notes at the bottom. At the bottom of mine I wrote the location and a small bit about where I went! 

2. Gather your chosen photography, tickets and any other content you want to include!
Whether this is printing of images or gathering tickets together from your travels it is always nice to fill out scrapbooks so they are bursting at the seems! With my scrapbook I have kept tickets from my trip to Berlin and going up the TV Tower along with a strip of photographs of me and my boyfriend in a photo booth which was a lovely keep sake and a scrapbook must have! I also have kept plane tickets and my ticket to the colosseum when I recently visited Rome. To secure the tickets in place I just used a stapler to staple them in so they don't get lost or damaged. 

3. Stick it all in!
I simply stuck in the chosen photographs with a pritt-stick glue and placed the chosen photographs in the centre of the page. 

4. Write your memories and important dates!
This is one of the most important parts, filling in the details and dates of your trip (and making sure you don't forget the date!) It is always nice to write a small memory or summary of the trip, where you went, the hotel you stayed in, the weather or even what you ate! 

The most important thing to remember when you are creating a scrapbook is too not worry so much about keeping it neat and tidy as after all it is a scrap book full of your important scraps and always is fun to lift things up, turn it side ways and have a good look at all the tickets, photographs and memories from your special trips.

Hope you all enjoyed this small tutorial on scrapbooking and taking a peak into my scrapbook! 


Abs! x