Happy 1st of November!

Happy 1st of November! I can't believe it is already November, how fast has this year gone? It is crazy and beyond belief how fast every month is going and the closer we are getting to the new year! But I have to say we are now in my favourite time of the year when the leaves are all fallen to the ground and crunching when you step on them, Halloween, fireworks (I would go to every firework display if I could) evenings getting darker and the colder weather coming in so we can layer up with beautiful knitted jumpers and tartan scarfs with big boots. I have always been a huge fan of Winter clothing as I love to layer and wear cosy clothes and 100% a huge fan of fluffy sock season. But most importantly the photography of course, the world turns into a huge colourful creation and it's amazing how much you can photograph during these Autumn/Winter months!

These past few weeks have been non stop and this has been the first evening I have sat at my computer having some time to write up a blog post. Along with working, photography, decorating my room as well as my boyfriends and building flat pack...well I could say I supervised? I haven't stopped for weeks! 

Last night I went to a absolutely beautiful firework display with my boyfriend and his family and unfortunately I didn't take my big camera along as there where hundreds of people around but yet again the iPhone 6 never fails and I managed to get some stunning and beautiful photographs of the fireworks. 

However, this may seem like a random blog post but how doesn't love a good firework photo? These are only snaps, but the colours are gorgeous!

Enjoy and happy November.

Abs x

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