Light Trails!

Hello! I have been so busy recently that I haven't had a spare moment again to sit down and write out some blog posts or keep up to date with anything! 

Over last week I managed to get out and photograph some Light Trails, now the last time I did these were last year back in the summer months teaching my boyfriend how to create light trails but obviously back then they weren't as good as I have learnt an awful lot more since! 

Light Trails are so much fun to photograph and it is always likely to come out with some great results! It is amazing how simple this type of photography is and how eye-catching the photographs come out to be! It is also very easy to achieve so it is good subject to start with when getting into photography! It was always one of the first things I played round with when I first took on photography when I purchased my first ever big deal camera! I used to sit in a dark room capturing Light Trails playing around with the light on my phone. I always see this type of photography and everyone always asks “How do you do that”? So this is exactly what I will be doing, explaining what you need to be able to capture your own Light Trail photography! Light Trails are a great way of training yourself out of auto mode and straight into manual mode and to experiment with shooting in low light at longer exposures. 

What you need:

1. A camera that allows you to control the exposure settings and lets you choose a longer shutter speed. This helps to create the Trail of Light in your photographs. There is no specific brand of camera, as long as it lets you do the above. I just have an oldish Canon camera which works perfectly! 

2. You will also need a tripod, 100%! Or something that will help you keep your camera still. Any hand shake or camera shake at all will ruin your Light Trails and generally super impossible without one. So this is a must have item and can be picked up for not too much money!

3. Some say a Lens hood helps but this isn’t always a must, as I have never used one. It helps to block lens flare from ambient light. Remote shutter release or wireless controls can be used as well as warm clothing when shooting on freezing cold nights! 

4. You need to stand in an area where traffic volume is frequent, without traffic or car lights light trails won’t work! So this is super important. BUT making sure safety comes first! I always position myself on a safe footpath bridge and out of the way of traffic but with a good view. Please do not stand in the middle of the road!!

I never got perfect photographs straight away and to be honest I still don’t, who is perfect anyway? But practice can make perfect so patience is always key when practising something new and this isn’t just with photography, it can be with anything in life!

Setting your shutter speed to around 10-30 seconds will create a good amount of time for the light trails to create in your images! It gives cars enough time to move through the frame. Always do tester shoots at first before you drive straight in! 

I am not going to babble on forever, so if anyone would be interested in a much more detailed blog on how to do Light Trails and a step by step, I am more then happy to help but for now, here are some of my examples from last week!

I have a lot of exciting things happening in the next months and int the new year so I will keep you posted on my latest movements! 

I hope you enjoy some of my examples of Light Trails! Remember mine still need a lot of work!


A x


Now I have been using Pinterest for a while now and it helped me through my A-Levels photography course a few years back but I still use it daily, it is full of ideas and inspiration and a perfect way to keep all of your ideas together in separate albums. I could scroll for hours on end gathering ideas and mainly use it on my phone. 

Whenever you have an idea whether it is room inspiration, a photoshoot, certain poses to achieve or just general ideas for lifestyle Pinterest is peeeeeeeeerfect!

Here are some of my favourite boards:
Photography -  This is my main board where anything I see that gives me an idea or some inspiration gets pinned to this board. Follow the link to check that board out:

Seasonal Ideas - This board is perfect for the autumn/winter and is full of DIY ideas what are easily made. This board gives me a lot of inspiration as well as a few photography and blog ideas! Follow the link to check that board out:

Wedding Photography ideas - This board is another favourite as some of the photography is unbelievable, but this helps a lot with inspiration and ideas for future weddings and certain poses to achieve. This is also helpful for the DIY side of things. Follow the link to check that board out:

DIY - I love getting creative and forever thinking of ways I could get creative and doing a bit of DIY. Pinterest is a great way to gather ideas and some inspiration of things to do and perfect for those boring rainy days! This DIY board also has some photography DIY inspiration, such a greeting your own camera strap made out of a scarf! Follow the link to check that board out:

Photography Final Exams Ideas (2014) - This board helped me so much gathering ideas for my final piece back when I was doing my exams. Follow the link to check that board out:

So if you fancy following my boards and inspiration and get an idea of what I am interested in give me a follow! 

I hope this blog may have given some of you ideas and inspiration for your own ideas!

Have a FAB weekend!

A x


So if you fancy following my boards and inspiration and get an idea of what I am interested in give me a follow! 

Happy 1st Birthday AWP!

Happy 1st birthday to my own little business, how the heck has that been a year? A year since I had a huge kick up the backside from my boyfriend to push myself to create a brand, create a blog/webiste, Twitter and Facebook page supporting my photography. I always to scared of taking that step in getting my work out there showing people what I have done, or doing this little blogs to show what I have taken. I always had that fear of being judged, or laughed at but how are you going to go anywhere in life and do the things you love the most because your worried what other people may say? I haven't had any bad comments about my work, maybe comments I am unaware of but that's fine with me, thats an opinion. 

I am very proud of what I have managed to achieve within a year. I have photographed a good amount of families, met the cutest children and babies as well as photographing my first ever big deal wedding which was super scary and I couldn't of done it with out the encouragement from one person who always tells me I could achieve whatever I want too, it's all about hard work and dedication. It always puts a smile on my face when clients see their photos and fall in love, it's a special moment to be the person who has captured them super unmissable moments within life, such as your first kiss as a married couple or the first smile on your babies face, they are all special moments that I love capturing. Another thing is visiting households and seeing your work beautifully displayed on the walls or shelves, that is a special moment. 

So much has happened within a year, I have moved jobs (a few times) due to not being happy, why put yourself in a situation where you have to wake up every morning going to a job you hate just to get a wage when you could find a job you love, you enjoy and what makes you happy. We should all pluck up the confidence to do what we love and what we have always dreamed off. I would hate to get to an older age and regret the decisions and steps I should of taken when I was younger which is why I need to push myself. I understand and respect those who work horrible jobs they hate to keep themselves a float, but we can all do the things we truly love the most. I am a major struggler with confidence even after I'm told how confident I am when I am in the zone of thinking positive, but I guess that comes with the thought of being afraid your not good enough or you can't do it, when you can, you honestly can.  I don't do photography full time which would be unreal if I did and that is a future goal so for now it's part time and the other half I work my bum off at my other little job which I love. I don't have the best camera in the world, especially being a photographer I guess those more experienced would laugh at my camera but hense working, without money you aren't going to get that nice camera to improve your images so for now it is one step at a time. 

I am so thankful to L for helping me so much, I wouldn't of done any of this without him. I would probably still be hiding away wanting to achieve something but just having to much fear to do that. Without him, I wouldn't be writing this blog on this beautiful website, or having my logo on my branding. None of this would of been done without him and he is a huge one to thank. 

Now I need to push myself everyday to try my hardest to reach my goals, to achieve more, to book more and most importantly to make yourself happy as life is nothing without happiness!

Thank you for all the support and kind words and thank you to all the special moments I have shared with many lovely families I have met along the way. You're all very lucky and lovely people!  

All the best...

A x

(All designs and branding created my

October Favourites!

During the month of October I must of been on a endless snapping spree on photography epsically now the weather is changing and the world is becoming a leaf invested colourful beautiful mess. In this blog post I just wanted to share some of my October favourites, this could be from my random person snaps to basically anything! October flew by just like every single month of this year but hopefully this month will be the same with thousands of opportunities for some amazing photography!

I hope you enjoy looking through some of my October favourites as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Best wishes November!

Abbie x

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Happy 1st of November!

Happy 1st of November! I can't believe it is already November, how fast has this year gone? It is crazy and beyond belief how fast every month is going and the closer we are getting to the new year! But I have to say we are now in my favourite time of the year when the leaves are all fallen to the ground and crunching when you step on them, Halloween, fireworks (I would go to every firework display if I could) evenings getting darker and the colder weather coming in so we can layer up with beautiful knitted jumpers and tartan scarfs with big boots. I have always been a huge fan of Winter clothing as I love to layer and wear cosy clothes and 100% a huge fan of fluffy sock season. But most importantly the photography of course, the world turns into a huge colourful creation and it's amazing how much you can photograph during these Autumn/Winter months!

These past few weeks have been non stop and this has been the first evening I have sat at my computer having some time to write up a blog post. Along with working, photography, decorating my room as well as my boyfriends and building flat pack...well I could say I supervised? I haven't stopped for weeks! 

Last night I went to a absolutely beautiful firework display with my boyfriend and his family and unfortunately I didn't take my big camera along as there where hundreds of people around but yet again the iPhone 6 never fails and I managed to get some stunning and beautiful photographs of the fireworks. 

However, this may seem like a random blog post but how doesn't love a good firework photo? These are only snaps, but the colours are gorgeous!

Enjoy and happy November.

Abs x

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New Business Cards eeeek!

Today I received my brand new updated business cards which were created by the very talented  Luke Wiggs Design ( who also created my whole photography branding including my website, logo, business cards, price list and many more branding accessories! 

Please check out Luke's website for more information regarding his designs on his website or via his Instagram who posts his design work regularly (@lukewiggsdesign). Luke is also available on Facebook at Luke Wiggs Design. 

Now here are the pretty updated business cards! 

I went for rounded corners as I thought they were a bit different to everyone else and gave a better feel to them. I have blanked my number out for a reason on these photos but the number is originally there. I am very happy with the print and got these cards printed by who are very good quality and would highly recommend so thanks!

Thank you again Luke Wiggs Design, you've done a fab job once again!

Enjoy the weekend!

Abbie x

Luke Wiggs Design -
Moo -


How I edit my Instagram photos!


Some of you or some of you may not follow me on Instagram (@abbiewyatt), I post photography work and non related photography work on my page and use Instagram as a good way of finding photographers and finding inspiration for photoshoots, as well as following over bloggers and friends/family! Instagram is a great way of connecting with people all over the world and showing off some of your amazing photography pieces as well as your silly selfies. Now, I'm not professional when it comes to editing but I thought I would show some print screens on how I edit some of my Instagram posts. 

When editing some of my Instagrams I tend to use editing apps such as Afterlight and VSCO CAM which are both really good for getting some lovely edits but I also edit using the built in editor for iPhone which I have used for this photo. The editor on the iPhone gives you a good variety of different ways to edit your photos and an option of filters to use as well. 

Let's show ya!

Firstly I have chosen this photograph I took on my iPhone 6 on my way to Rome back in August, we were currently flying over the Alps which is amazing! For a phone camera the iPhone's are amazing at taking photos, especially the 6 and the details of the photograph are quite impressive!

As I said before I am using the build in iPhone editor to edit this image and only takes a few minutes to brighten the image and make it more catchy! Below on the photo are the options you can choose from, the 1st is crop and rotate, the 2nd is filters which include colours to black and whites, the 3rd is the light/colour/black and white options and finally the 4th option is Photo Editors. 

I first start off with clicking and viewing the different filters that are on the editor to see if I want to use one and choose one that looks best. These filters range from black and white to different coloured filters. 

I choose the filter 'Chrome' as I felt it worked well with the photos and made the colours pop! When editing photos, you never ever have to use a filter and this is all down to personal preference! I have then clicked onto the 'Light' section to brighten the photo!

After choosing the right lighting for the photo, I then click on the 'Colour' section to make the photograph more..well..colourful! I play around with the saturation to boost the blues within the photo and make the clouds look more white and fluffy! 

When using the colour section I haven't gone too far down the bar as it would be way to bright and look very odd, so the best way to decide what is best is to scroll down the bar slowly until you think it looks right and this all depends on how much POP you want to make your photos.

And this is the photo with more of a pop of colour to express the blue sky and the oranges on the wing of the plane. You can also see it has popped the clouds making them a true white whilst keeping in the details of the photo. Obviously this photo isn't going to be as amazing as a photograph taken on professional camera, but these are just general holiday phone snaps. 

And here is the final image on my Instagram which you can now view over on my page. iPhone editor isn't always the best but definitely works with most photos! 

I hope you enjoyed this small tutorial on how I edit some of my Instagrams. I will write a blog to follow shortly on which editor apps I use on my iPhone and how I edit using those. 


Abbie! x  

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Happy Sunday!

So this evening I had the chance to photograph my favourite ever dog, a Dalmatian. I know this properly super lame and super sad but I have always wanted to photograph such a gorgeous dog! I have never done pet Photography before so trying to work with a puppy that is on the move requires a very fast shutter speed but I think the outcome photos looked really good and amazing! 

Pets are definitely a fun subject to photograph and would love to do some more in the future!

Eeeeeek, enjoy the cuteness!!! 

Get creative! - Scrapbooking

Hello there!
Today I have brought to you a slightly different blog, a more of a creative and DIY blog! I wanted to show you what you can do with photographs and your photography instead of keeping it locked up on your computers. Scrapbooking is a fun and creative way of bringing your photography to life and is always a lovely memory to look back on!

What you will need:
- A scrapbook or photo album of your choice. Mine was brought from the lovely selection that Paperchase had to offer and has plenty of place for me to stick in my photographs! This was only £8.99.
-Glue!! How else would you stick the photographs in? 
- Stapler (this is out of choice) Paperclips or stickers are also a great way to secure tickets or even photographs down! 

Be creative!!

I love a good old scrapbook or photo album and there is nothing more lovely looking back at your photographs and enjoying the memories! I have recently brought a travel scrapbook/photo album and thought it would be a good way of keeping my favourite images and tickets from my holidays! I thought I would show you parts of my scrap book and the way I have put mine together! 

1. Buy a scrapbook/photo album! 
I brought my scrapbook from Paperchase and went for a beautiful travel designed cover which I thought fitted in perfect with the theme I was going for. Inside it gives you a space to place one photograph in the centre on the page with also a space to write the date and some notes at the bottom. At the bottom of mine I wrote the location and a small bit about where I went! 

2. Gather your chosen photography, tickets and any other content you want to include!
Whether this is printing of images or gathering tickets together from your travels it is always nice to fill out scrapbooks so they are bursting at the seems! With my scrapbook I have kept tickets from my trip to Berlin and going up the TV Tower along with a strip of photographs of me and my boyfriend in a photo booth which was a lovely keep sake and a scrapbook must have! I also have kept plane tickets and my ticket to the colosseum when I recently visited Rome. To secure the tickets in place I just used a stapler to staple them in so they don't get lost or damaged. 

3. Stick it all in!
I simply stuck in the chosen photographs with a pritt-stick glue and placed the chosen photographs in the centre of the page. 

4. Write your memories and important dates!
This is one of the most important parts, filling in the details and dates of your trip (and making sure you don't forget the date!) It is always nice to write a small memory or summary of the trip, where you went, the hotel you stayed in, the weather or even what you ate! 

The most important thing to remember when you are creating a scrapbook is too not worry so much about keeping it neat and tidy as after all it is a scrap book full of your important scraps and always is fun to lift things up, turn it side ways and have a good look at all the tickets, photographs and memories from your special trips.

Hope you all enjoyed this small tutorial on scrapbooking and taking a peak into my scrapbook! 


Abs! x

Evie's Autumn photo session - September 2015!

I meet a lovely family who contacted me for a photo session a few weeks back to photograph the gorgeous Evie who is only 1! Now that the weather is turning and the colours of autumn are popping out everywhere, it is a perfect time for a photo session outdoors! 

I am so excited for the Autumn and Winter and hope it gets freezing (which I know is totally weird) but this year I'm really hoping this happens! I really want to take on more photo sessions in the Autumn and especially in time for Christmas as they make fab Christmas presents! I am totally obsessed with the new fashions in clothes shops at the moment and the colours are just beautiful (is this where all my money keeps going?) 

Anyway, back on track! Here a few photos from our lovely autumn photo shoot last Saturday! 

Italy adventures!

Hello everyone! Now it has been a awfully long time since I last blogged which is really really bad of me. Since I last blogged so much has happened and my photography journey has really taken off. I managed to achieve my first ever wedding back in July which was a very big deal for me and a really important day. I photographed one of the loveliest couples who were very relaxed and had a beautiful wedding. Since then I have felt a lot more confident to take on new things when it comes to photography. I have also photographed my Uncle's wedding too which was a good wedding experience without all the major added pressure!

Anyway back to what I was meant to be writing about, I WENT TO ROME! I visited the beautiful city of Rome for 5 days which was amazing! The weather was super hot which made it even more better! We stayed in such a beautiful hotel (Hotel Twenty-one for anyone that is interested!) Me and my boyfriend traveled around to visit the main tourist areas  and I had my camera out nonstop and captured everything. The colosseum was unreal and absolutely amazing and would 100% recommend visiting in real life as the photographs don't show how truly amazing it is in real life! Obviously one of the best things about visiting anywhere in Italy is the food. I can't even describe in a blog post without writing a essay about how amazing the food was out there. I don't think I would be able to visit an Italian restaurant in the UK and enjoy it as much as the Italian ones as they do everything so well. The pizza's and the pastas are unreal and would defo go back just for these! Also they give you hugggggeeeeee portion sizes so make sure you go prepared!

I can't wait for my next adventure to whichever country we go to next! I've been so lucky to be able to visit two countries this year which were both incredible!

 I thought this blog would be a good way to share some of my Rome photography!


Polaroid Photographs

Recently I brought some Polaroid styled prints for my boyfriend to celebrate our anniversary and I must say ever since they arrived through the door I have been totally obsessed with how beautiful they are! The prints are amazing quality and the perfect way to either display photos, give as a present or just as a keep sake. I think there is so many different ways to display these photos, such as using a bit of string and pegs to clip them up! 

I am offering 12 polaroid prints, these are a choice of your own photos and also come in a cute little keep sake box to keep them safe and undamaged, you also have the option to add a personalised message at the bottom of your choice. I offer all of this for originally £60 but offering on my Facebook page on a welcome offer at just £35! I can be found via this link... Here are a few of my examples below! These are now my new obsession!


Cambridge adventures!

Recently looking at a photographers photos she had taken in Cambridge it looked beautiful and knew I had to visit! But obviously living in England the weather isn't always the best when you plan things which is always the way so me and Luke held out for be best weather and went on Thursday last week and the weather was perfect!

Cambridge was beautiful and every corner had a beautiful outcome! With small tiny walkways, bridges and little rivers running through the town the place was stunning and made it even more perfect with a bright blue sky! 

Anyway, I thought I would share my photos from the day! I didn't use my Canon (totally forgot it, idiot alert) so used my iPhone 6 which still has a very good camera! 



Wow. Have I really got my own website for my photography? Me? Abbie? Website? Really? Yes really, I have a website and can't actually believe it! This may not seem like a big deal to some people but it is for me and it's another step onto my journey of being a photographer as it's all I ever dream of! I am so lucky to have had so much help and guidance around me and a kick in the backside to get things done and complete so I can take the next step onto what I want to do in life! I am very lucky to have the best family, friends and boyfriend.  

Enough of the boring stuff! I am so excited to what the future brings and how I will develop on my journey! My old blog is still readable so it is still around to read and have a look at previous blog posts, this is over on

Anyway, that is my first blog post done! Expect photos and a more fun and interesting blog for next time! 

Goodbye for now! x